NovaLash Lash Extensions thicken and lengthen your normal lashes to create a fuller and glamorous look. If your sick of your mascara running, smudging, or flaking into your eyes then you will love NovaLash Extensions.

NovaLash is one of the leading brands on the market because NovaLash is known for their high quality glue adhesive called Platinum Bond Adhesive which lasts two times longer than leading competitors. It is a medical grade adhesive that has three outstanding qualities about it.

  • Strength: Last 2x longer than the leading competitor
  • Durability: Water proof, oil proof, and great flexibility
  • Pigmentation: Dries a deep glossy black unlike most other brands

NovaLash also has Sensitive Eye Lash Adhesive that we have available at Spa Escape for our clients with sensitive eyes. This adhesive is odorless, low-fume, non-irritating, and is formulated for increased durability and flexibility.