Every facial treatment uses high quality natural skin care products from Epicuren Discovery. Epicuren Discovery utilizes a proprietary enzyme solution that promotes self rejuvenation of skin cells by stimulating normal chemical reactions. Epicuren has a wide variety of products to enhance any skin type. Daily use of these products along with periodic skin care treatments will create a healthy and beautiful look. Before receiving your first Facial at Spa Escape you will receive an in-depth skin analysis. Facials 75 minutes and longer will include a massage of the shoulders, neck, scalp, arms, hands, and feet. Due to time contraints on facials that are 60 minutes and shorter, the massage will be limited and will not include a foot massage. All facials will include steam and warm therapeutic towels, except for the Rosacea Sunset facial.

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Aloha Facial

30 Min. Revitalize your skin with this efficient and effective facial to suit your needs, leaving you feeling deeply cleansed and refreshed.*Add Extractions for $15! $70

Serene Oasis

60 Min. Come and relax with this facial tailored to your skin type with deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, mask and facial massage. Just what your skin needs to feel refreshed. $125

Signature Escape

75 Min. Escape to a refreshing facial designed to meet your specific needs. Using specialty products specifically chosen for your skin type. This facial includes a deep cleansing, exfoliation, and extractions, along with a specialized mask and full facial massage. $135

The Goddess Facial

90 Min. This is the fountain of youth for your skin.  We begin this facial with a cleanse to prepare you for a treatment with the NuSkin Facial Spa. This treatment will tone skin and facial muscle as well as increase product efficacy and absorption by 70%. We then cleanse again and exfoliate using the Himalayan super fruit polish followed by a custom mask and cutting edge anti aging products from Epicuren Discovery. There is no better combination out there to give you back the skin of your youth. $180

Uplifting Escape

80 Min. This classic facial is known for its amazing anti aging results. This facial works wonders for all individual skin types by speeding up the cell metabolism to help rejuvenate and detoxify the skin. In this treatment you will receive a thorough cleanse, exfoliation, extractions if needed, hot cinnamon peel (5% or 10% glycolic), two masks, toner, metadermabolic enzyme application, specialty product application for your skin needs, and moisturizer. $180

Ultimate Dream

90 Min. The ultimate facial is designed to fit the individual who wants a customized facial and back massage all in one. You will not only receive a 30 minute back massage but will also receive a Customized Escape Facial all in one. $170

Pumpkin Apple Bliss

75 Min. One of Epicuren’s latest products, the Pumpkin Apple Spice Peel, is a gentle Alpha Hydroxy Acid peel that smells and feels incredible. The result is a remarkable smooth skin with a refined appearance of pores, fine lines, wrinkles, acne, and hyperpigmentation. Additionally, we will utilize Epicuren’s microdermabrasion exfoliant cream as well as other specialty products to enhance the result of this facial. $160

Tropical Lave Back Treatment

75 Min. This exhilarating back treatment is like having a complete facial on your back. $140
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